Exchange Server 2010 SP1 is coming

Exchange Team announced that SP1 for Exchange 2010 is coming with a lot new features

I highlighted the things with I like from the coming update. It’s a whole list but i thing with this update is Exchange 2010 SP1 the best version ever!!! 😀

A list of al new things in Exchange 2010 SP1:

Personal Archive to a different mailbox database from their primary mailbox 😀
– You can import historical e-mail data from .PST files, directly into Exchange
– delegate access to a user’s Personal Archive
– SP1 updates the Exchange Management Console with new tools to create Retention Policy Tags
– support access to a user’s Personal Archive with Outlook 2007 Coming with A update

Outlook Web App
– Delete, mark as read, and categorize operations running asynchronously, these actions feel instantaneous to the user
– Attaching a very large file, will not block the rest of the OWA experience
– Sharing calendars to anonymous viewers via the web if you enable this.
– OWA themes back
– Reading pane can be placed on the bottom or the right side

– Support for send-as
– Support for notifying the user if their device has been placed on block or quarantine by their admin
– Full implementation of conversation view
– To sync only unique parts of messages.
– Setting up mobile device to access mail via POP/IMAP/SMTP, information is available in OWA.

New Management UI
– Create/configure Retention Tags + Retention Policies in EMC
– Configure Transport Rules in ECP
– Configure Journal Rules in ECP
– Configure MailTips in ECP
– Provision and configure the Personal Archive in ECP
– Configure Litigation Hold in ECP & EMC
– Configure Allow/Block/Quarantine mobile device policies in ECP
– RBAC role management in ECP
– Configure Database Availability Group (DAG) IP Addresses and Alternate Witness Server in EMC
– Recursive public folder settings management (including permissions) in EMC

Read the whole article at HERE.

Exchange 2007 The exchange server address list service failed to respond. After Upgrading Domain Controllers to 2008 R2

I want to creat a new mailbox for a new user. But i get the following error: The exchange server address list service failed to respond.

Go to Organization Configuration in EMC. Right click it in EMC and select Modify Configuration Domain Controller. Point it to your DC hosting the PDC


After that restart the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant services on the mailbox server.

The Microsoft Exchange System Attendant Service does the following thing:

Forwards directory lookups to a global catalog server for legacy Outlook clients, generates e-mail addresses and offline address books, updates free/busy information for legacy clients, and maintains permissions and group memberships for the server. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start.