Error while installing WebComponents.msi


When configuring certificates for a lync 2010 environment, I noticed that I made a typo. Failing to correct the problem via the topology builder, I had to uninstall the lync software. After correcting my typo, the installation failed to install. This was the error I got:


After doing some digging I noticed also an event in the eventviewer

Opening the log file as mentioned in the event, it turned out I had something to do with an duplicate entry in the applicationhost.config.


As stated in the error it had something to do with a duplicate entry at line 421. Opening the applicationhost.config learned that line 421 didn’t had anything to do with lync. The trick was to find OCSAuthHelperModule:

<add name=”OCSAuthHelperModule” image=”C:\Windows\Assembly\GAC_64\Microsoft.Rtc.Server.WebInfrastructure\\Microsoft.Rtc.Server.WebInfrastructure.dll” preCondition=”integratedMode,runtimeVersionv2.0,bitness64″ />

After deleting this entry, the installation went good!


Special thnx to Techsps