Very Important Hotfix for Outlook 2013 Preview

Microsoft has released an update for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 Preview. This update resolves an issue in which email messages are deleted unexpectedly from the Microsoft Exchange server when Microsoft Outlook 2013 Preview is in online mode. Nothing is recoverable through the Recover Deleted Items option.


To install the hotfix, follow one of the links below, depending on your architecture:

Download the 64-bit version package now.

Download the 32-bit version package now.

    Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Preview

    Exchange 2013:
    Download Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Preview
    Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Preview Help

    Important topics:

  • Exchange 2013 Server Roles
  • Exchange 2013 System Requirements
  • Exchange 2013 Prerequisites
  • Prepare Active Directory and Domains
  • Install Exchange 2013 Using the Setup Wizard
  • Install Exchange 2013 in Unattended Mode
  • Exchange 2013 Post-Installation Tasks
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    Lync Server 2013 Beta

    Lync Server 2013 beta was released by Microsoft today. Here are some useful and download links to get started:

    Lync 2013 public beta home page

    Lync Server 2013 public beta – Introduction & What’s new
    Lync Server 2013 public beta – Download
    Lync Server 2013 public beta – System Requirements
    Lync Server 2013 public beta – Evaluation Resource Pages

    Lync Server 2013 public beta – Technet Library Documentation
    Lync Client public beta – (included in Office Pro Plus)

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    Windows Server 2012 Editions

    1 Licensing Overview

    Windows Server 2012 delivers a dramatically simplified licensing experience. Shaped by feedback from customers and partners, the new Windows Server licensing approach will help make choosing the right Windows Server easier while delivering the following benefits.

    2 Simple

    It’s easier than ever to determine the right Windows Server edition for you. Choose from just four editions of Windows Server 2012, based on the size of your organization and your requirements for virtualization and cloud computing.

    3 Economical

    All editions of Windows Server 2012 deliver excellent economics and ROI for your business. For example, Datacenter edition with unlimited virtualization rights provides the benefits of cloud-level scale with predictable, lower costs. Standard edition now offers all of the same enterprise-class features as Datacenter and is differentiated only by virtualization rights.

    4 Cloud-optimized

    Businesses today are rapidly adopting a hybrid approach across private and public cloud computing. Windows Server 2012 offers the right edition for you, no matter where you are on your path to the cloud; Datacenter edition for highly virtualized cloud environments, Standard edition for lightly virtualized environments progressing toward cloud, or Essentials edition for an ideal cloud-connected first server.

    5 Editions Overview


    Ideal for…

    High Level Feature

    Licensing Model

    Open NL (US$)


    Highly virtualized
    private & hybrid
    cloud environments

    Full Windows
    Server functionality
    with unlimited
    virtual instances

    Processor + CAL*



    Low density or non-

    Full Windows
    Server functionality
    with two virtual

    Processor + CAL*



    Small business

    Simpler interface,
    connectivity to
    cloud based services; no
    virtualization rights

    Server (25 User
    Account Limit)



    Economical general
    purpose server

    General purpose
    server functionality
    with no
    virtualization rights

    Server (15 User
    Account Limit)

    OEM Only

    *CALs are required for every user or device accessing a server directly or indirectly. See the Product Use Rights for details.

    MDT 2012 Update 1 Beta 1

    The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit team is pleased to announce that Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2012 Update 1 Beta 1 is now available for download!

    Download MDT 2012 Update 1 Beta 1 now!

    Download the latest release to stay up-to-date on your deployment needs. New features and enhancements make large-scale desktop and server deployments smoother than ever!

    This release expands your deployment capabilities with support for the latest software releases, including Windows 8 Release Preview, Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate, and System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 Community Technology Preview. Other notable new features include:

    • Support for using the DaRT 8 Beta with the Windows 8 Release Preview version of the Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK).
    • New "Build Your Own Pages" support for User-Driven Installation (UDI), enabling IT pros to create new wizard panes using simple drag-and-drop operations – no coding required.
    • Integration with System Center Orchestrator, enabling task sequences to invoke Orchestrator runbooks at any point in the deployment process.
    • Completely reworked "Roles and Features" logic, supporting both installation and removal, as well as providing a new Lite Touch wizard pane for selecting roles and features to install at deploy time.
    • Support for PowerShell 3.0 to make it easier to run PowerShell scripts inside task sequences on Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, and Windows PE 4.0.
    • Simple monitoring functionality for Configuration Manager task sequences, leveraging the monitoring capabilities provided initially in MDT 2012 for Lite Touch deployments.
    • Improved "boot from VHD" deployment capabilities, supporting both bare metal and refresh deployments.