Deploy Office 2010 with Multiple Languages with MDT 2010

I Like Office 2010. For me it is the best Office version i ever worked with.
MDT 2010 it’s great tool that Microsoft created.
Now i will talk about how you deploy Office 2010 with Multilanguage packs with MDT 2010.

Step 1: Download the Office 2010 English version booth will be in x86 & x64

Step 2. Download the Office 2010 (language) Multilanguage iso only available from the Microsoft Volume Licensing site. Both in x86 en x64.

Step 3. Add the Office 2010 English version to MDT 2010 here office-2010-uitrollen-met-mdt-2010

Step 4. Extract the Office 2010 (language) Multilanguage iso with 7zip in the same application folder witch you created in Step 3.

Step 5. When you open MDT 2010 management console and you go to the Office 2010 Application that you added in step 3. You wil see that MDT sees more the one language. In my case it was en-us and nl-nl. The Screenshot is from the older MDT 2010 you MDT sees Office 2010 as Office 2007. MDT 2010 beta 1 supports Office 2010. I found till now no issues deploying Office 2010.


Step 6. Check the languages that you want. Check the Screenshot how i did it.

Step 7. Deploy the a Windows XP or Windows 7 client with Office 2010 Multilanguage versions.

Step 8. You can check with Microsoft Office 2010 Language Preferences or the languages that you configured are installed.

Step 9. Use Group Policy to set the language settings for users

    1. Download the Office 2010 policy template files to your computer. You will find them HERE

    2. Make a new GPO named Office 2010 languages settings it is a user policy.

    3. Under User Configuration in the console tree, right-click Administrative Templates.

    4. Click Add/Remove Templates, and then click Add.

    5. In the Policy Templates dialog box, click the template that you want to add, and then click Open.

    6. After you add the Office 2010 templates, click Close.

    7. Open the Group Policy object (GPO) for which you want to set policy.

    8. Double-click User Configuration and expand the tree under Administrative Templates.

    9. Locate language-related policies in the Microsoft Office 2010 \ Language Settings node.

    10. Select the languages that you want to use for each setting.

    11. Save the GPO.

    12. Go Testing