Kemp LoadMaster for Free Awesome!! A Free Load Balancer for Any Workload

gives away the for . Now the virtual appliance is available in a edition too. Available for all supported hypervisors (, , enz).

The free VLM has some limitations, for instance the HA setup with an active and hot stand-by unit is not supported. Another important limitation is that the free LoadMaster doesn’t come with the awesome support paying customers receive. Also there are some bandwidth and SSL TPS limitations, all in all not much special for most home, lab, testing and other non-production deployments.

    The Free LoadMaster Includes:

  • Layer 4/7 load balancing
  • Content switching
  • Caching, compression engine
  • MS /2013 optimized Smile
  • Pre-configured virtual service templates Smile
  • IPS engine
  • High Availability
  • Edge Security Pack (ESP) – a replacement Smile
  • GSLB multi-site load balancing
  • RESTful API